The trees grew me.

In 1994 I fell in love with a 10-acre clear-cut on Prince Edward Island. It had been raped of its trees
and was waist-deep in debris. The price was right, though, and the view of rolling PEI farmland was

Family and friends helped clear and replant 8500 tiny seedlings. Then a local draftsman helped
sketch a cabin where I could write and "get out of the rain" on my land. We settled the design of a
carriage house, one of the smaller barns on a traditional PEI homestead. Because I lived far away in
Ottawa, people thought I was nuts. I loved that. Other people said my tiny writing cabin on the clear
cut was "very Thoreau." I had no idea what they meant.

Then I discovered Henry David Thoreau and his classic philosophical treatise "Walden, Or; Life in
the Woods" and was blown away at how my little place accidentally reflected his world-view and
spirit. Walden Cabin was reborn, on PEI.

Nearly a quarter-century later, the trees are grown and so have I. Walden is our space. These are
our stories and observations.

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