Candida: Catchy tune or STD?

I wanted to add a final summer tune for the end of the season. This Tony Orlando and the Dawns song has been bugging me for days, and I finally found it on-line. When I sang it to Suzy, she grimaced like she usually does when I sing, but then said, “Why are they singing about a yeast infection?” I had no idea I had been humming for days about what my Oxford Reference defines as “a yeastlike parasitic fungus that causes thrush.” That might explain why the tune was so hard to shake.

The future is bright

The gypsy told me so last night.

Said she saw our children playin’

In the sunshine

And there was you and I

In a house, Baby, no lie

And all these things were yours

And they were mine …

Listen to an excerpt from “Candida” by Tony Orlando and the Dawns.

Visit the T.O.A.D. (Tony Orlando and the Dawns) Web site for cool bell-bottomed fun.

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