I find myself inexorably drawn to Christmas stuff this year. Just yesterday I caught myself walking to the cash at a card shop with three boxes of Christmas cards. I put them back and picked up some beer instead. Does looking forward to Christmas in October indicate a healthy psyche buoyed by holiday anticipation, or is it a sign of imminent madness? Please let me know. There’s so little time left to decide!

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New: Visit the Walden Cabin Cover Photo Archive.
Celebrating a year that’s, well, over.

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Delicious, and different

Tired of apple pie? Looking for a new dinner party dessert for American Thanksgiving? Try Lisa’s Harvest Pear and Blue Cheese Tart.

Let us know how it turns out.

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Prince Edward Island potatoes in Jordan

Rod MacNeill of West-Isle Enterprises in Tyne Valley, PEI chuckled when I said I had found his seed potatoes growing in the desert of Jordan. Now that I think of it, the farmer did look at me funny when I gave him a PEI flag.
Follow along on a journey to the Jordanian potato patch.

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