Lisa’s harvest pear and blue cheese tart

Lisa's Harvest Pear and  Blue Cheese TartFrom Worcester, Massachusetts, Walden Cabin guest Lisa sent us one of her favourite Fall recipes. If you’re looking for a change from the usual dessert, give Lisa’s flaky tart a try!

Lisa writes:

Invented on the first chill day this year out of refrigerator and pantry ingredients while playing Cheryl Wheeler’s “When Fall Comes to New England” at moderate volume. One must take breaks to sing along and dance with one’s dog(s) or children if available.


– 3 ripe pears, sliced very thinly
– Tablespoon of brown sugar
– Teaspoon of fine white sugar
– A sprinkling of cinnamon and allspice
– A child’s handful of walnut pieces
– A child’s handful of small semi-sweet dark chocolate pieces
– A woman’s handful of a really good crumbled blue cheese
– 2 pats of chilled butter
– A basic 9 inch pie crust rolled into a cirle — I use a wholewheat crust

Detailed instructions:

Lay out crust on non-stick cookie sheet or pizza pan. Arrange pear slices in the center.

Sprinkle spices and with brown sugar and walnuts. Tuck the pieces of chocolate and butter under pears and on top. Fold over corners of the crust so pears are nestled but exposed. Sprinkle fine white sugar around edges of crust. Bake at 350 until bubbly and crust is browning.

Serve with dollop of whipped cream. Serves four. Note: we were lazy and used frozen puff pastry. Let us know if you try this recipe!

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