Prime Minister’s Office on Bush: “What a moron”

Thank you, Francoise Ducros! The Prime Minister’s communications director showed yesterday that the PMO has its finger on the pulse of the nation, if not the world. If she’s fired for suggesting that the US President is a moron, we should riot in the streets. Recently in Amman, Jordan, a taxi driver warned me to stop talking about the US as we drove past the new US Embassy. “They can hear you.” Presumably, one would hate to be caught calling George Bush a name in the Middle East. Perhaps an unmanned CIA drone would fly in and blow up the car (as happened last month in Yemen). Since we’re in a free country (at least for now), it’s satisfying to be able to criticize the US President in any cab at any time. It’s even more delightful when our government says it out loud for us. Bravo, Ms. Ducros, but keep your eyes on the sky and your ears open for the hiss of the hellfire missiles.

It would be fun to be able to claim that Canada is the first to use the word moron when discussing Bush. But, sadly, we’re not trendsetters in this area. Even TV’s West Wing President Martin Sheen calls Bush a moron. The debate has been raging for years on obscure Web sites (like mine): Is he just an idiot, or a moron? There’s even a President Moron Web site dedicated to Bush’s gaffes and quotable quotes. With Bush in power, clearly we have more to fear than fear itself.

With the moral strength of Canada’s position now clear on this issue, maybe taxi drivers in the Middle East will feel more comfortable expressing their feelings. Maybe this is the start of the revolution. It’s time for regime change in Washington. Save the world — oust the Moron!

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