Here, Now.

There was a moment of silence before the door closed and the clock started. Squeeky soles in the hall on the way in stoked memories of days of deeper sadness. The winter shoes. The woman each week, in tears on the way out, frames despair like a wall in a dark room. Perspective. Today, treats, and revelation. We really should relish the Holiday that includes biting off the ginger bread head — the peppermint buttons rolling on the tongue. And maybe take note of the madness defined as speeding over the limit past the Buddhist Monastery, on the way to the mall. Om. Vroom. Oh, Holy Night. Oh, what a year! For me, 2002 was a transition. A time of reflection, anticipation, and anxiety. Settling and exploring. Soaking up. Sinking and sinking in.

He closed his binder. Clock stopped. “Issues of life and death have been too much part of your mind.” Let me write that down! This year was about letting go of far away and unreal things. Demons, God, Brian Mulroney. It was also about learning to enjoy the smell of a toddler’s neck, discovering incredible proximity and exotic Jordan, and realizing that they’re not exclusive. And if you think this is just crap, that’s OK too. Thank God. Merry Christmas.

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