Mimi beached

I think Jane Siberry is depressed. Her concert at the National Arts Centre on Saturday night was flat — a lot of introspective monologue, tinkling piano, and little energy. “The … cocoon … is … white … (waving hands near head as if to discourage a persistent fly) … oh, yes … it is … “


She set the theme for the evening by recounting a lunch conversation between friends. “You sense it’s a bad time, and darker days are ahead, and yet you seek truth. Why are you there? Why can’t I see the mountains through you?” Geez. The room swayed with rolling eyes.

I last saw Jane Siberry in NY last fall, in the months immediately following 9/11. There was an energy there, more hope. This woman is a powerful artist, but I think what’s going on in the world is getting her down. It’s a bad sign.

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