When is the right time to put up the Christmas tree? I’ve seen some up already, and I think it’s just wrong. The Christmas tree should not become as normal as furniture, and besides, what about those needles. Even with daily watering, the healthiest Nova Scotia spruce will be crapping all over the carpet by New Years. You’re sure to still be vacuuming that up in July. I’m a two-week tree guy. Up on the 15th, down by January 1. I commented to Suzy tonight that I like to have just a few holiday decorations still around to greet the new year because by then the relief from the Christmas clutter is a profound complement to the irrational and short-lived optimism affiliated with the unblemished new year. To which she replied, “Oh, yes, and you’d hate to have clutter in your house. Like Christmas decorations, furniture, pictures, people… ” Maybe we need to talk. I suggested a Feng Shui Christmas, which made us laugh for a second. Then, silence.

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