Quick winter observations

Bright red cardinals are suspicious birds. Maybe they’re aware how ridiculously conspicuous they are. Unlike the ubiquitous sparrow or carefree chickadee, a cardinal grabs a seed from the feeder, and turns around while eating. Poor things, I guess vigilance is the price you pay for beauty. Cardinals, the celebrity winter bird.

Video: Birdbrain.

I’ve never understood why people choose to walk on the road in winter, thinking it’s safer than the slippery sidewalk. And crunchy snow is not a good excuse, Elizabeth! (see comments, below).

Speaking of risk, who decided it’s important to label chain link fences: Frost Fence. Gee, thanks. I would have licked it otherwise. Phew.

Environment Canada is warning us about the “big snowstorm” coming today. Ooh, 10-15 cm of gently falling snow. Any less and it could be cleared with a stiff broom. What ever happened to the classic Canadian winter storm? 30+ cm of snow, followed by days of high winds and drifting. I say it’s not a storm if you don’t have to use a pole to find the car afterward.

Got any good storm memories??

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