The Magic Bus

The other day I received an e-mail from a Canadian guy I was writing about who is based in Afghanistan. I’d written him to ask if I could interview him. He wrote back excitedly, “Yeah, sure! You’re in Kabul? Just take the bus north to Kunduz and I will meet you there. It’s an easy trip.” Suddenly I wished I could hop on that bus and head into the Hindu Kush mountains to meet a fellow Canadian for a chat. That would be cool. But I conducted the interview from Canada.

Chris McGeough is 41. He’s a Calgary-born adventure traveller who went to Afghanistan last year to drive a snow plough to keep aid routes open through the mountains. This year he’s opening election offices for the UN. It’s tough work; someone blew up his office in Kandahar. Chris is not scared by this — “Hey, if you don’t want an election, blow up the office!”

Chris is a Canadian who is making a difference in the world. Read more about him here.

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