“How many horses does it take to haul your fat ass around town?”

“How many horses does it take to haul your fat ass around town?”

I’m sick of SUVs. We need to DO something about them. Who ARE these people riding around in these planet-killers? A guy in an enormous Lincoln Navigator gave me the finger the other day when I pulled out of a parking lot into the lane in front of him. Yeah, like he needed to worry. Had he hit me he would have crushed my wimpy Corolla like a bug. Fat ass! Child killer! Irresponsible twat! Happy Earth Day to you too, pal!

Cool info from the Sierra Club Web site:

“Switching from an average car to a SUV for one year would waste more energy than if you:

  1. Leave your refrigerator door open for 6 years;
  2. Left the bathroom light on for 30 years;
  3. Left your colour TV on for 28 years.

Ah, a good Walden rant at the end of a busy day is just what the shrink ordered. I’d write more but I’m late for my meditation class. Shit.

There’s a tulip (just one) blooming in my front yard. Scout. And we saw a Northern Flicker at our bird feeder today. I caught Suzy looking at me funny, from the corner of her eye, like I was nuts or something. Nuts for the Flicker. Yeah, it was that exciting. Sadly, the Northern Flicker is a threatened species. Hello, SUV drivers!

Would Jesus drive a SUV?

(From the Christian Science Monitor)

Download bumper stickers for gas guzzlers. My favourite: “I Drive a Weapon of Mass Consumption”

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