Regift Blowback

Sunday was my wife’s birthday. She’s 34. Jasper wanted to give her something, so I thought I was so smart when I remembered that in my office closet was a bonus gift pack of Givenchy perfumes that I received when I bought Suzy a bottle of Amarige for Christmas. I remembered that someone had told me at the time that I could give the bonus gift to someone else — two gifts in one! The thing is, the person who told me was Suzy when she opened it at Christmas. Cadeau dejà vu.

Lowell and Sharon are expecting. My brother and his wife, who live in Calgary, are due in October. The little one will be their first. Something tells me they had this planned; they have been very generous with gifts of clothes for Jasper. Now they will get them all back!

But wait a minute! They won’t!! Suzy is also due, in June. We know the sex, and the name, but if you don’t already know, you’ll have to wait. Just imagine, with a older brother named Jasper, what would we call the second kid? Elizabeth, you guessed today. I didn’t say anything because you said it was a “Woosy Name”. We are undeterred. The woosy first name is complemented by a super-cool-you’ll-never-guess-it second name. Try. I dare ya.

Jasper and I are headed to Walden Cabin for the weekend. He’s very excited. “Can we poop in the woods? And light a fire? Stay up all night?” YES. We’re going to rebuild the bath house step, shovel some manure from our neighbour’s farm onto the perennial beds. Mulch. Hang with the grandparents. Suzy is spending her last weekend alone for a while, watching chick-flics and drinking decaf lattés. I hope it doesn’t induce labour.

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