Election Bore 2004

So we have a choice this month between the old familiar Liberals, and the “New” Conservatives. Oh, yeah, and the Decades-old New Democrats. Is it any wonder why people are tuning out? Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear some new ideas?

The Green Party has 6% support in the polls and candidates in all 308 ridings. They have a credible national platform, and offer a balanced and middle-of-the-spectrum approach. If you are surprised to hear this, it’s because The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know.

This week, a consortium of executives from the main TV networks has decided that the Green Party should not have a place in the upcoming TV debates. Apparently new ideas are anathema to the Canadian political scene. The main party leaders obviously agree. It’s funny to see Jack Layton say the debate format is “up the the TV executives” when he is also trying to be seen as a champion of grassroots democracy. One hand holds the other.

Even if you’re not going Green this election, consider supporting the Green Party’s appeal to be included in the debate. Excluding the party is unfair and undemocratic.

And with a Green voice in the TV debate, it might be worth watching.

Sign a petition calling on the major networks to include the Green Party in the national leadership debates.

Review the Green Party Platform

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