Still no baby

Still no baby. Anticipation is quickly turning to anxiety as “two weeks overdue” approaches this week. Today we have an ultrasound scheduled, to check on the baby’s condition and to assess things like the amount of amniotic fluid. The results of the ultrasound will determine the next course of action — whether to induce labour, or continue to wait!

The prospect of going to the hospital for a diagnostic ultrasound makes me want to hurl. It’s too horribly familiar (after 20+ such tests that preceeded Jasper’s birth at 4 months premature). Suzy is also tense, though stoic. I’m angry. Stress and anxiety related to birth is miserable, and I’m resisting the fight or flight response. C’mon, labour! C’mon baby! With 8 hours to go before the ultrasound, there’s still time for a “normal” arrival!

I’m hoping that the little one’s reluctance to make a timely appearance is just a manifestation of dramatic tendancies, something that could easily be attributed to genes.

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