150 years

“Walden; Or, Life in the Woods,” by Henry David Thoreau, is 150 years old this week. And Thoreau himself would be 187 years old today (July 12). Find out more about the original Walden by visiting the Walden Society Web site.

A great set of links about Thoreau.

But not everyone is happy. Someone tried to hand out free copies of Walden at a Walden Pond and was told to leave due to copyright infringement. Thoreau would say, “Break the Law.”

Thanks to Tom at Iconise for sending this link.

Henry David Thoreau was an unsettled mystic. A bit of a loner (hence the cabin in the woods), but far ahead of his time:

He was “open-eyed and cheerful amid the sunlit world, near the heart of living things.”(10) He wanted to inspect, yes, but also to behold — the “revelations of nature,” he said, being “infinitely glorious and cheering, hinting…of possibilities untold” (8:207).

From “Seeing Beyond the Verge of Sight: Thoreau’s Nature as Incessant Miracle,” by Victor Carl Friesen.

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