My name is now Gordon

I’ve been bought. And if you’ve been coming by looking for new posts here, two things: God Bless You Faithful Reader, and, You must be tired of Mini Wheats by now!

Two weeks ago I started a new full-time job. I’ve worked for myself since 1998 (, and so I thought biting the bullet to take a job that has me at a desk 5 days a week working for someone else might be tough. Instead, I LOVE IT. The setting is great, the people too. I’m busy and challenged and I have a nice office and a good salary and … It’s just great. Here’s my new work home: I’m Director of Writing, in charge of writing business development and quality control. And the first job I’m up to my ears in is a redesign of the company Web site. Fun!

Also this week, my Maclean’s feature about Brazil is now out. Pick up a copy!

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