I’ve never felt this tense about a US election before. Suzy is in the next room watching results, and I’m avoiding what I expect will be a Bush victory. But oh how sweet it would be to get rid of Bush! Over lunch today, a client said that while she didn’t like the president, she could understand how some people could support him for his clarity, for his willingness to hit back at the terrorists. I replied that I just had a real problem with an idiot being in charge of the free world.

Did you know that you can now take out your frustration on a virtual pet? It’s still frowned upon to string up your real kitty, so now you can do it on-line. And the kids love it! My neighbours in PEI have four young kids (3 of them girls under 11 years old). Two of them are nurturing Neopets. But when I visited a few weeks ago, one had lost interest in the on-line pet. And once you create your pet on-line and name it, if you don’t feed it by visiting the site daily, it slowly starves to death.

But, back to Bush, I really want to picket the US Embassy here in Ottawa with a “Your president is a fucking loser” poster. I’d dress nicely, and be polite, but just hold the sign. I’d even sip a grande latte from Starbucks while protesting, so as not to be confused with the anti-globalization fringe. That’d have ’em scratching their heads.

So now that I’ve used Bush and Idiot, and “Bush is an Idiot” in my Web site, I’d like to welcome all my new readers from the Homeland Security office. Read up on Thoreau, boys, if you want to learn about civil disobedience.

Funny how words in a site can generate traffic. This gives me an idea. Back in grade one, Kelly White used bring salt and vinegar chips to school for recess. I was not a fan of school then; even the bus driver let me off half-way to school a few times the first week, for wailing so loudly (I was Good at melodrama even then). Anyway, I used to hang with Kelly because she had a careless tomboy cool about her, and an endless supply of chips. There were no neopets then, so we were not concerned about her virtual pussy. She had me where she wanted me, though. She didn’t share, but let me lick her chip bag. I wonder what kind of traffic my “virtual pussy” and “licking her delicious bag” will generate. At least the Homeland Security boys will get a cheap thrill — as long as they remember not to forward it to friends.

May common sense of the non-Harris kind prevail south of 49 tonight. Peace and good will to all.

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