Lazy. Christmas.

It’s already too late to be early. The Jane Siberry CD (Child) is on shuffle again. How much orgasmic moaning can one person take? Apparently, about 35 days. Suzy informed me tonight that she’s moved up our tree decorating day to Dec 11 from Dec 18. She scratched my note off the family calendar and put a big red arrow to the week prior. My wife says the tree “has to be up more than a week!” OK, as long as it’s not five. Let’s just say, I’m not in The Mood, yet. But it’s building. It starts with frozen toes on November 11, followed by lingering sentiment. As I was bouncing Simon tonight while Suzy was out – desperate for a soother (he was too), I got all weepy watching Trudeau night on The Greatest Canadian. Which doesn’t say much. I cried during Alexander Graham Bell night last week. I should go and do some meditating.

So, because I’m lazy, here are some videos that are just sitting on the server.

Christmas decorating with Claudette, Mrs. “Silver Balls”

Cardinal — the week after. Bored and tired of turkey.

Memory — The old Reader’s Digest TV ad.

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