Personal control issues

I’ve given up coffee — dumped half a large Second Cup Huehuetenago down the drain this morning in disgust while reading about Bush winning the election. Sour taste in my mouth. I figure giving up bad things is something I can do that’s short of storming the US Embassy with rotten tomatoes. I also stopped caring about walking on cracks today. Mom’s had a bad back for years; it’s not my fault.

At the World Exchange Plaza food court today, I noticed that the yellow maple leaves of a tree on the other side of the plate glass window were waving furiously at me. Notice us! Pay attention!! It was just the tough ones left, dropping only one at a time and ignored in the cold November wind.

Tomorrow I interview Daniel Igali for CIDA. Daniel is the Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling (Sydney, 2000). He has also led a determined personal campaign to rebuilt his childhood school in Nigeria. Canada has been slow to take up his challenge. But he doesn’t mind.

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