Bug off

First Jasper got it. Then I did. Stomach flu weekend. Ick. Friday at about 3PM I felt like I was slipping into the Abyss (note capital A). I had to excuse myself from a meeting and just barely made it home before 6 hours of violent nausea set in: Hello toilet bowl! At about midnight it was all over, but the next 24 hours I felt like I’d been hit by a train.

One thing I did wrong (in case you get this, take note): Don’t try to drink lots of water between bouts of vomiting. Apparently, the flu bug makes it almost impossible for the stomach to process food and fluids, so adding a lot of fluids almost guarantees more time on the tile. Also, get yerself some electrolite crystals. If you add these to the little water you are able to injest, you will save yourself days of fatigue after the storm passes. The crystals replace the minerals that your body loses quickly through dehydration.

Find out more here. Stay healthy. Wash your hands. Avoid mistletoe.

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