Cold and Funky

-25C today. I washed my mitts this weekend and didn’t quite dry them completely. Waiting for the bus, my hand was locked as if in an enthusiastic wave. It occurred to me then that I could live anywhere. Why put up with another winter? The guy sitting next to me on the packed bus didn’t look like he was thinking at all. He stared straight ahead and didn’t so much as fidget once. I did enjoy the heat of his arm against mine. Warm. Ahh.

When I got to work, I discovered my cell phone was gone. Must have popped off and dropped on the bus. No one’s answering it.

Suzy and I had dinner at The Black Cat Cafe on Saturday night. It was the first time we’d been out together without the kids since Simon was born 7 months ago. I’m always excited to rediscover, moments after the car pulls away from the babysitter and kids, that feeling like we’re just dating again and the night is ours. The Black Cat was a bit disappointing, and we were the coolest people there — which is just another way of saying the same thing.

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