• Iraqi elections are over. How can you not be impressed by people lining up to vote in the face of death threats! Yeah for democracy! Since Bush was elected, the Iraqi people are more free, and Americans less so.

  • From the “What’s Next” department: Yoga Journal magazine reports in the current issue that the ubiquitous yoga sticky mat, all the rage for years among enthusiasts, is now known to cause cancer because the PVC material leaks formaldehyde and other toxins. Contemplate that next time you’re in Downward Facing Dog. The same issue of the magazine includes ads for sport utility vehicles.

  • I learned this week that “fornication” (here’s another definition that uses the juicy word “illicit”) is only between unmarried people, and that penultimate is less than perfect. The word irascible popped into my head this morning the moment I arrived at work. Not sure why.

  • Work is very, very busy. It’s “March Madness” time in the communications agency business. That means government employees are suddenly panicking because they have to spend their budgets before fiscal year-end (March 31). Use it or lose it! I’ve written so many proposals over the past two weeks, I can’t remember them all. Fortunately, my boss informed me today that he wants to work with me to promote my writing (and his company’s marketing expertise) to “20 or so warm countries” over the next few weeks. So I may be in the Turks and Caicos Islands before too long. OK by me.

Anyone out there have a story to tell?

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