Simple Solutions

I’ve ranted about this here before, so I’ll keep this short: This time of year it’s easy to get frustrated by things, like cold feet, cracked knuckles, imminent environmental collapse. Last month I went with my friends Mike Perry and Elizabeth Harvey (find them on Lavalife) to Mike’s hometown — Fenelon Falls, Ontario. A local hardware store had donated 50 compact fluorescent bulbs to our Project Porchlight campaign. We are motivated by the fact that if every household in Canada replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent, the reduction in pollution would be like taking 66,000 cars off the roads.

So, how many Canadians does it take to change One Light Bulb?

We decided the only way to make this happen is to hand them out, door to door. The Fenelon Falls test was a great success. Our walkabout before Christmas was covered on radio, TV, and in two newspapers. And now the little hardware store can’t keep CF bulbs on the shelves. See some photos here.

My knuckles are still bleeding, and Suzy just shakes her head when she sees me head out in -27C with shoes on, but I feel there’s progress. Change is within reach. Simple.

Watch the Project Porchlight TV news spot (CTV Peterborough) — large format or small.

Download the Porchlight brochure (PDF) here.

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