Toque? Touque? Ookpik?

It’s -40C today. I want to go to Mauritius more than ever. As I was running out the door this morning, my wife yelled “Only an idiot would go out without a hat today!” Passive aggressive much? So I pulled up my hood. Now I’m looking for a toque on-line but I have to find out how to spell it first. Good thing I’m “Director of Writing” at gordongroup. Now I know why my colleagues do the little quotation mark action with their fingers when they introduce me at meetings.

So now I’m warm at work, and I found a great Toque and a good laugh. Among the headlines today at “Most Say India’s Hot New Superodels Binj and Purj Are Too Thin,” and “Canada Donates Cedar to Egypt for Pyramid Rechingling Project.”

A pressing issue: Can someone tell me what an Ookpik is?

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