My little brother turns 31 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Lowell! For those of you who have not seen his video debut, check out Sunglasses at Night, and then see a pic of his new baby boy – Ryan Thomas (who is 4 months old this week, I think). Lowell survived as the youngest sibling in our house, despite being run over by me on my mini-bike (a Honda Trail 70 — I’m taking up a collection) and even though my sister Valerie and I used to say “Cow Brains!” to make him puke up his breakfast every day after Mom left for work, just before we caught Bus 93 to school. He was skinny then. Now he is a solid guy who could throw me across the room if he was the type to hold a grudge about the tire marks on his back.

Speaking of babies, Valerie (also starring in Sunglasses at Night as the guitar player) is expecting her first baby on March 12, which happens to be Independence Day in Mauritius, and my birthday. The stars align and all’s well.

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