Pride in perspective

I hate “gay pride.” And especially that stupid parade. Celebrating your homosexuality seems to me like wanting to whoop it up because you have big feet. So you’re born like that. Who cares? Yet I understand that gays parade to confront long-entrenched views, many of which I too was raised to believe. PEI in the 1970s-80s was a very homophobic place; my dad thought people who carried umbrella’s were fags. And if you had an earring – well! Hell fire!! My Dad’s cousin was the first PEI AIDS case, in 1987. I remember certain family members boycotting his funeral because he was “a shame on the family.”

So I hate the pride parade, but I support gay marriage. If we can learn to accept homosexuals and people with big feet, and recognize that both can love, then maybe we won’t have to be subjected to drag queens to feel proud to be Canadian.

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