Resistance is futile

Sometimes I question my work. I love my job, but it’s a grey Irish-mist kind of day that reminds me of Istanbul in late January or Jerusalem in March — and so memories of relatively carefree times clash with my present. This morning I spent 2 hours in a departmental meeting trying to help a major government client figure out how to write a report on plans and priorities without including any details or plans.

Then there’s another client who works in the department that governs HR and employee relations. He procrastinated for so long in the production of his annual report that he yelled at our secretary yesterday. Gee, that’s fair.

And tonight I won’t be able to watch the news because Jean Chretien will dominate the headlines, part of a $100 million inquiry into how the federal government misspent $100 million. God keep our land, glorious and Free!

Meanwhile, I march forward like a Borg — just enough time left in my day to synch my Palm and update my blog. Thoreau rolls over

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