Happy Spring

Just a quick morning note today — I’m running late. My triceps are sore from snowboarding. Not from falling down, although that was a factor, but from holding Jasper up. We were at the very top of Fortune yesterday, 90 minutes into his first time, and my second, of snowboarding, when he started squirming and yelling, “Just let me go, Dad! Let me GO!” I was about at my wits end, trying to stand up and hold him up and slide down the hill at the same time. I just kept thinking: “I have nothing to offer you here” So finally I just let him go. He turned and looked at me, stunned, then turned and slid silently away. He’s a natural snowboarder. From that point on, we were OK. Clinging was my mistake.

More during the day as things occur… Drop me a note to tell me how to describe the smell of muddy spring earth. “Poopy” just doesn’t cut it.

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