I found out

I found out yesterday that a storm surge on the north shore of PEI moved the bunkhouse at my cottage by four inches. Here’s a pic of the shore, taken last week from the front porch. The bunk house is on blocks just over the bank on the shore in front of my cottage (Plover Dunes). Another few inches and the building would have been swept away.

Storm surge. Not quite tsunami, but fascinating all the same. PEI is moving north; the south shore is being eaten away at up to 5′ per year, while north shore dunes creep toward the Magdalene Islands. In a thousand years, Canada will face a constitutional crisis as PEI faces joining Quebec (literally). Some south shore cottagers are dumping tons of granite slabs over the cliffs for “erosion mitigation,” but it’s futile. And ugly.

I think we need a new word for “soup.” When you think of it, that’s not very appealing. It’s just one step above gruel.

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