Spent the last 3 days in bed

Spent the last 3 days in bed. Flu. So much for the shot. Pounding headache, burning eyes, plugged ears and nose, and a dry knife-to-the-throat cough. Rotten. Spending so much time in bed really changes your perspective on things. Like work. It just rolled along without me. Makes me wonder why I care. And strange other thoughts drift in and out of the mind. Like wondering if Nutella goes bad, or which shoulder to throw salt over if you knock over the shaker. At one point yesterday morning I called to Suzy and realized I was yelling, “Mom! Mommmm!”

I did manage to read the Da Vinci Code, and about a third of the “prequel,” Angels and Demons. The prequel is much better so far. And Suzy was kind to me. She made me hot lemon teas, and bought jelly beans and yogurt-covered raisins. This afternoon, Jasper came home from school and we sat by the fireplace with Simon, rolling balls back and forth — our first such game together. Then Suzy and I wrote in the baby books a bit. And I changed the laundry. Feeling the grip of the cold relax is a wonderful thing. It was a couple of miserable days, but because I had to stop I will probably always remember this week – more than if I’d been healthy and at work.

I have to admit that there was something nice about being sick this time. I was well taken care of.

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