Thumpity, thump-thump. Look at Frosty go…

Someone stole Frosty yesterday, and I have to admit I had it coming. The front garden looked different when I got home from work, and it wasn’t just the receding snow line. A few steps from the sidewalk, flanked by brown stalks of dead coneflower, all that was left of Jasper’s plastic snowman was a round indent in the snow and a frayed electrical cord.

I guess you take your chances with passing teens if you leave Christmas decorations out until March. But I had no choice! Frosty’s cord was frozen in ice. And this fact makes his sudden disappearance more shocking. To abduct our three-foot friend, he had to be ripped from his cable. So violent!

We haven’t told Jasper. I think Suzy is relieved. After all, I bought Frosty a few years ago on the recommendation of my psychiatrist. “Being kind to my inner child” became something that was lit from the inside with a seven watt bulb. Even so, there’s no excuse for keeping a plastic figurine on the lawn for four months of the year.

Good-bye, Frosty! I hope you spend your final days adorned in some dorm room somewhere, cordless but loved all the same.

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