E-asy Commute

SUVs are everywhere. But with gas prices soaring, and traffic often at a stand still, sometimes I just want to yell: “How many horses does it take to haul your fat ass to work?”

The answer is One. My friend Juergen retrofits bikes with one-horsepower electric hub motors. Silent and powerful, with a range of 20km at up to 32km/h, the hub motor transforms an old bike into a commuter’s dream. When I told Suzy about this, she said, “Just pedal!” But I had visions of hundreds of kilometres of recreational trails opening up before me, and no sore thighs.

For anyone who dreads humid morning pedalling, the ride to work is suddenly No Sweat. It should be Juergen’s slogan, but I have a better one for him. “Ride a Horse to Work: No Shit!

At $600, the hub motor kit is about the price of 10 SUV fill-ups, minus the road rage.

Check out Juergen’s E-bike solutions.

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