Turkey Capital

“Head to toe camo is a must when hunting sharp-eyed gobblers.”

There’s an aggressive wild turkey loose near Wakefield, just north of Ottawa. I was just about to lose my cool on a writing consultant who was late for a meeting this morning. But when he called to say he was trapped in his house by aggressive foul, I forgave him.

I asked if he had a shotgun at home, to which he replied, “I don’t think we even have sharp knives.” O Canada! Quebec has come a long way from FLQ.

Upon further investigation, I’ve learned that the wild turkey problem in Wakefield is a result of human intervention. My friend the writer tells me he heard from a “dainty ballerina in the know” that the so-called wild turkeys are released by the government of Quebec near Masham, in an effort to reintroduce the species to the area.

Get this: It’s a federal government-sponsored programme in Quebec that costs the taxpayer $600 per bird.

That would drive anyone wild.

Meanwhile, see how the Americans deal with wild turkey.

Back in Ottawa…
In anticipation of the Prime Minister’s speech tonight, the word prorogue came up. It’s a wonderful word. I particularly like it because it has rogue in it. This morning I suggested to a colleague that if the PM had opted to prorogue, the pogrom that would have followed might have ruffled even Stephen Harper’s hair. But I didn’t know about the ethnic connotations. My colleague is Jewish, and very forgiving.

Which reminds me of something else:

Rabbi Ruben Bulka from Machzikei Haddas, my local synagogue, lives just down the street from me. On the drive home the other day, I ended up behind his Camry. His license plate says 4 GZUNT. Can someone tell me what this means? It’s driving me nuts!

Interestingly, when you search for Rabbi Bulka on-line, the number one hit in Google notes how Rabbi Bulka has given blood over 210 times! Community leader and hero!

Shalom. Happy Passover!

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