Careful what you say

Rob’s a middle aged network specialist. His salt and pepper crew cut reminded me of Colonel Sanders. We met at the 82 stop on Featherston, and had lots of time to chat because we’d missed our bus — there’s a new schedule. I was scanning the headlines on the Citizen box when he spoke up.

“It’s a Virginia morning… moist and clear like the city was washed overnight. I love this weather!”
I popped a losenge to relieve my sore throat. I offered him one and told him how a jolly high school teacher used to tell us students to “Suck on a Fisherman’s Friend” when we needed to feel better. He didn’t get it.

Rob moved back to Ottawa after a career in the States. His job was contracted out to India.
“When America sleeps, India solves,” he said. “Ottawa is a strange city. People here are concerned about house values and transit. That’s about it.”

“So what should we be worrying about?” I asked. Then our bus came.

It’s Easy

I attended a Green Party strategy session last night at the McNabb Community Centre. The meeting was called to reconvene David Chernushenko‘s election team. David’s a great guy — he knows the issues, and brings passion to his candidacy. I love writing his speeches. But last night everyone looked pale. It could have been the harsh fluorescent lighting, but I think it was the pressure of an unwanted spring election.

The meeting left me with a hopeful feeling, however. It was hosted by David Scrimger. He seemed oddly familiar. Turns out he is a management consultant, and long-time Tory strategist. The new Greens.

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