Hard Time

I’m off to jail tomorrow — to interview lifers who are making furniture as part of a government rehabilitation programme called CORCAN. What to wear? What to wear? The client just called to ask for more background information on me because something strange popped up on my security clearance scan. Apparently, as a visitor you can’t go to prison if you’ve ever broken the law.

My guide tomorrow is a charismatic and confident woman named Ellen. I like her a lot; she’s not easily intimidated. At a team meeting yesterday (with the photographer and project manager who are also going), she warned us not to make eye contact, and to use common sense when mingling with the inmates on the factory floor.

“Hostage situations do happen. Just be smart about it. Don’t worry, though. There are no guns in the assembly facility, just the inmates *and all the power tools*”

When I told Suzy this, she said “Just don’t look vulnerable.” That’s a tall order. The other members of the team are hulking 6-footers, so I just know that the laws of nature will see me plucked from the herd if the guys on the inside need a hostage.

I’m staying tonight in Kingston, at the Frontenac Club Inn. Looks great. And I had the luck of the draw among the three rooms available, and will be spending my last night before prison in the Sandburg Suite.

Stay tuned for blog from the big house.

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