Letting go

I have an idea. It’s consuming me. And for the first time since a few friends and I tested it last year, it looks like some seriously big partners just might buy into it and make it work on a large scale.

I’ve been working on a proposal for the idea for two weeks, reading, researching, writing, obsessing. I get more excited, and more sure I’m just fooling myself. If the gap between awareness and action can really be bridged by giving out one free light bulb to every house in Ottawa, how come it’s not being done. But the evidence is striking, the business case strong. It’s almost a no-brainer, which is why I’m mad that I can’t get the damned proposal written.

Eventually I will just have to send the thing in, let it go. Obsessing runs counter to my recent training, my almost non-existent meditation practice.

Geez, I gotta go to bed.

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