Stoned Cold

So the Rolling Stones are coming to Ottawa. Big deal. The last time they were here was in 1989 for their Steel Wheels Tour. That was to be there last. It should have been. I’m embarrassed for those old guys. Can they really be excited about performing the same old songs, again and again. Really, wouldn’t you get tired of doing that?

It’s an amazing phenomenon how people can be so excited about something so done, so over, while at the same time, in the same town, the prospect of an election makes people yawn. Think about this: If the Liberal government is so corrupt, and so tired, why is Stephen Harper languishing in the polls? If the Conservatives had a more dynamic leader, someone who actually looked like he cared about what he was doing, and not just keeping his job, would we all be clamouring for an election?

You couldn’t pay me to go see the Stones. Or vote Conservative, for that matter. But a different and a new tune could be interesting.

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