Jasper in his element

Jasper’s in his element here at the cabin. He has Megan (7) across the road, 10 acres of trees, a wood stove and no official bedtime. He also has about a dozen black fly bites along his hairline, but he doesn’t seem to mind. It’s Megan he loves. And she seems to feel the same. It’s wonderful to see two kids having so much fun — running down the long red lane to the brook, tossing stones and occasionally holding hands. Megan’s not too impressed with Jasper’s generous exuberant mooning, his little stick legs and butt bared above sweat pants bunched up over rubber boots. She’s got two years on him. And after three years of regular visits from Ottawa, I’m already fearing the inevitable rejection Jasper will feel when Megan moves on from mooning. Girls mature so much quicker, they say. We’ll still have the trees.

Growing in PEI:Walden Tree Day. May 21, 1995.

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