Soft all over

Tooth brushing escalated to a full-blown water fight with Jasper the other night. I just couldn’t resist tossing a cupful of cold water at his belly as he was struggling to pull his t-shirt over his head. I loved his reaction: Utter shock, followed by the most amazing laugh, and then a thirst for revenge. Within minutes the bathroom was soaked. Then Suzy arrived with little Simon. The Monk wanted in. Water flew everywhere, even out in the hall as the theatre of battle expanded.

What can you do to top “soaked?” Apparently Suzy thought wet wasn’t good enough. Just as I thought the waterfight was winding down, she dumped a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil over my head. The whole thing. The floor became a skating rink, and I was shiny like a Men’s Health model without the touched-up pecs.

Try getting pure baby oil out of your hair. For days, I’ve been aware of my thighs rubbing together as I walk. My shoulders are smooth. We had fun. It’s still risky to walk into the bathroom.

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