Summer holidays

Lush is a great word. Alcoholic implications aside, it implies air thick with lilac, and long wet grass. I love May and June best of all months, but I also feel I do a lot of jumping around missing things like the peak of the peonies. And that’s not conducive to deep meditative lung breathing or soaking up the dew. And writing in the Blog? As you can see, it falls down the priority list somewhere below plucking the crabgrass from between the walkway tiles.

That said, I love writing. I don’t do it enough. It’s one of those things my psychiatrist used to say I should just give to myself. So bear with me. I’m going to try to get back into the groove here. Just a few minutes per day.

Some news:

  • Simon turned 1 last week. He marked the occasion by climbing all the way up the stairs — half-way before anyone noticed.
  • Our cat Puddy passed the time while we were in PEI by catching mice in our basement. She left them in a neat little pile by her litter box. We all have to be productive in this life!
  • Suzy fell in love with our cottage this year, after lobbying me for months to sell it. All it took was a short drive down the dirt lane to the shore. I’m relieved. I had reluctantly agreed that having two cottages in another province wasn’t such a good idea, but I do love that place.

We have a last-minute cancellation (July 9-16) at the cottage. If you want to experience heaven on earth, call now (613) 260-7277.

More soon. Send me a note if you read this. Tell me what’s growing at your house, and how to brush cat’s teeth.

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