I noticed we had a new driver this morning. No big deal. He said hi and smiled. Minutes later, though, we suddenly pulled off to the side of the Transitway. Our driver was clearly agitated. I heard, “I just can’t do this!” from the front. I set my paper down and scanned the aisles. The bus was full. Another driver pulled up alongside. “What’s wrong?”

“I just can’t do this!” he said again. Then the doors opened and everyone ran out onto the side of the road. I was one of the last ones off. Most of the passengers had crammed onto the other bus by the time our new driver leaned out his window and called us back.

“It’s OK now! I’ve figured it out!”

Five of us got back on our old 82. The driver managed to get it into first, finally, and we were off. I resumed reading about the London bombings.

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