I’m a creature of..

I’m a creature of habit and pattern. Only this week, with my kids and wife away, have I noticed this. This morning I overslept, again. And as I raced into the kitchen to wolf down a bowl of yogurt and bran, I noticed three bowls with spoons lined up on the counter, each with a little yogurt and bran dried on the bottom. I slapped the Globe down to skim page one, on top of three days of old news. On the rushed bike ride to work I decided to break the pattern and try a different route. First came the dead end road, then my chain broke. By the time I got to work, ten minutes before my first meeting, I wanted to call it a day. That’s when I noticed that the pants and shirt I packed didn’t match. I debated asking my new assistant Jackie if I looked as stupid as I felt. She must have sensed my unease but summed up her unsolicited comment with, “Don’t wear grey in summer.” She’s right.

So on the way home I decided to take a detour, to drop in on a friend who bought a new house in old Ottawa South. As I was turning the corner onto Ossington, by deraileur popped off. So Linda gave me dinner and drove me home. Tomorrow I revisit an even older pattern: I’m takin’ the bus. Suzy and the kids get home late tomorrow evening. TGIF.

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