Jump in a lake

I was thinking today of the past tense of jump. “Jamp” came to mind. This is just one sign that I need to leap off a dock. This week, a client melted down in an air conditioned board room. It had nothing to do with the humidex warning, more a result of the pressure of a busy summer that looks like it will never slow down. And by the end of July people need a bit of a break to avoid a breakdown.

Someone said to me yesterday that May and June were slow because of the expected federal election, and now we’re making up for it. Now that’s just the way to win over the electorate! I had a dream last night that Home Depot had replaced its garden centre with a Christmas decoration department. The store was full of frantic shoppers sniffing and handling glittery cards and bobbing reindeers (don’t ask me why they were sniffing!). Just as Santa arrived with a bellowy greeting, I woke up all sweaty and out of breath — but that was probably because of the humidex.

I’m signing off for a week. There’s a short run and a leap to relief in my immediate future. Keep in touch!

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