Just the headlines

  • I read in bed last night that Fish don’t sleep.
  • Night time is just the shadow of the Earth. Cool even at 25C in the shade.
  • Today’s high in PEI was 12C. Colder at Plover Dunes.
  • A bug went into my right eye last week on my bike ride home. That was just before my derailleur wheel broke off and fell down a sewer drain. I think it laid eggs or something, because I can still feel it.
  • Maybe I’ll get a patch. Now that would be cool.
  • Jasper is really concerned about the dehydrated and dismembered wasp body that’s tucked in the crease of the back window in the car. It’s been there since 1997.
  • Puddy caught two mice while we were in PEI, and displayed them conveniently at the door to her litter box. We found another a week later. Suzy said that it may be a vole. What’s a vole?
  • We have two new renters at the cabin. This means I now have the money for my outdoor shower. Carter’s a genius. I think I’ll enjoy sunny naked outdoor mornings even more than soaks in the bath house tub. And that’s a lot.
  • I proudly announced to Chase at work that I’ve limited myself to one Tall Starbucks Mild per day. She says the mild have more caffeine than the bold, even after you dump half into the waste basket to make room for whole milk.
  • What’s “whole milk,” anyway?
  • Speaking of work, I’ve been asked to come up with slogans for Service Canada, the new one-stop shop for public government services. Someone suggested: Beyond Help today. I doubt the bureaucrats would buy that.
  • Canned club soda is only good cold.
  • Bring a cooler to DQ for safe Blizzard transport. Nobody looks at you funny.

What’s new with you?

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