Suzy took the kids to her sister’s place this morning. So I’m sitting under an umbrella with my laptop, surfing on someone else’s unsecured wireless network. Wahoo! 21st-Century Risk. My hard drive is exposed to the world and I don’t care. Turning Japanese is playing. It’s the only song I have downloaded on this computer, sent to me by e-mail one afternoon at work to turn my already distracted mind to mush. I brought the laptop out here so I could listen to music on CD, but the drive keeps spitting out the “Canadian Songs Vol 2” that Elizabeth burned for me. A few minutes before that I started to write a letter to my mother, but I couldn’t understand my own handwriting.

So now I’m going to spend this lovely afternoon surfing for good examples of not-for-profit project web sites so we can get the Porchlight site off the ground this week. Those of you who read here regularly already know what the project is all about — so why not be among the first to take a picture of yourself changing an outdoor light bulb to a compact fluorescent!? We’ll be posting pics to the site as samples to encourage all visitors to upload a photo of themselves doing the same.

Why isn’t this lifting my spirits today?

I’m also a bit blue because I need something to read. “All Families are Psychotic” by Douglas Coupland was fantastic. Fast-paced and totally unpredictable. I also read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (which was also good) this week, but it left me experiencing odd flashbacks of older kids showing me their penises in the woods at church camp. That’s not pleasant.

Got any good book recommendations? Does anyone know how to reach Douglas Coupland? I’d like to get a picture of him changing his porch light.

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