I think I’m dying. Which must mean that things are going extremely well. I suffer from a range of neuroses that creep up from the pit of my past and hold me back, mostly just when I’m about to finally see the results of a lot of hard work. It’s pretty stupid. Which is why I have to expose it to air here. That’s one thing about neurotic or paranoid fears. Say them out loud and they are revealed for what they are: ridiculous.

The pain on the right side of my abdomen (which has me worried about imminent doom: cancer!), goes away when I eat. Suzy puts it into perspective nicely, “You’re HUNGRY!” Oh, and that headache — too much clenching. Doh.

I’ll have a good sized lunch before the Project Porchlight meeting tomorrow on Parliament Hill. After 11 months of work, it looks like the One Change concept may catch on. There are now almost a dozen partners (corporate and government) who are at the table. We need $175,000 to deliver one compact fluorescent bulb to every house in Ottawa South.

50,000 CF bulbs means 25,000 tons of coal that won’t be burned to produce electricity. It means $1,000,000 of savings on hydro bills. It means we can show people that saving energy and the environment is as easy ask changing a light bulb. And anyone can do that. Right?

Just one bulb per house. See onechange.org for more info. Send me an e-mail if you want to volunteer (or if you have a spare $175,000 kicking around).

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