Disappeared. Recovered.

First the cabin was robbed. Then the web site went down. The kind people who host the site for me for free are actually staying in the cabin right now, battling hornets under the step. I understand that there is a lot of fogging and foaming going on, and hundreds of hornets wobbling in agony all over the place. A battlefield! Henry David Thoreau probably would have whacked the next with a stiff broom — or left it alone. Who knows?

Today’s sunny and not too hot. Nice. I decided to take the bus this morning so I could finish Douglas Coupland’s Hey! Nostradamus. A great book, but fairly bleak. Think Columbine shootings. It made me appreciate my life — especially my two kids. Taking the bus instead of riding my bike gave me time to videotape them making whole wheat pancakes with Suzy. Jasper was the dry ingredients mixer, Simon wet. That is, until Simon started eating raw egg off the whisk.

Today’s my first anniversary at gordongroup. A year ago this morning my stomach was in knots. Yesterday I had that feeling again about Porchlight. I’ve also been distracted by finally getting around to asking my dearly departed dad’s wife to send me something of his This morning after pancakes with little slivers of apple and sticky syrup I walked slowly to the bus and suddenly remembered that wanting something so badly, or fearing it, just causes pain. Today I’m just going to observe and pull back a bit.

And enjoy the sun.

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