Signing off

Thanks for dropping by the cabin, and especially for all the great e-mails this week! Given the response to family revelations (below), I’m thinking of selling the movie rights. 🙂

I’m taking a week off, but please come back. It’s been an intense summer — a very good one. Project Porchlight is moving ahead. Work is busy and interesting. Simon’s about to walk. Suzy has just checked “All Families are Psychotic,” (how appropriate) by Douglas Coupland, from the library. I’m looking forward to a week of reading and R&R before an inevitably hectic autumn arrives.

When I get tense, my breathing gets shallow and I look pinched and old. This week I’m going to suck in some good deep lung-fuls and play with my kids and propose more naked crazy eights with my wife, using a deck of retro pin-up cards from Chase.

Everything’s connected. It’s all good. Have fun this week!

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