Busy. Body.

I can hardly type tonight. The strep is gone, though I’m still on antibiotics. What’s getting to me is being so busy. Today I sent the final artwork for the Porchlight bulb box to press, confirmed almost $150,000 of new writing business at work, and ordered 30,000 light bulbs. 20,000 more are being ordered next month. And last week the government of PEI’s climate change hub said they want to get a free bulb to every house in PEI next spring. Amazing! Someone said to me this week that I will be able to sell greenhouse gas credits to China. I think I’ll swap them for surround sound.

Check out Dan‘s excellent programming for our “Upload a photo” feature in the new porchlight site (to come soon). We want people to upload a pic of themselves changing a light bulb. Try it!

As I was lazily riding to work on the bus this morning, through low-income and mostly Arabic neighbourhoods near my house, I wondered how we could get a light bulb into every one of those houses, and how doing so could be a gateway to closer community ties. How can we make the porch light a symbol for understanding? Got thoughts? Please share.

Simon said “cookie” today. Last night it was “car” and “brmm, brmm” for engine noise.

The asters are blooming in my back yard. No, not the media moguls.

I found out today that I have to go to Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton/Prince Albert next week to interview federal inmates in prisons. See my last day in jail.

I’ve received two meditation cds in the mail (ones I’ve been going to order since 2003) and I haven’t had time to listen to them.

Maybe I’ll go do that now. I need to declutter my mind.

I’m so MAD about CBC! How about you?! (So much for inner calm)

Thanks for dropping in. Really, I love writing here. It makes me feel good. Please come back.

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