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Slammer Tour ’05 rolls on.
I’ve met so many killers and bank robbers, I can’t remember them all. All on the shop floors of CORCAN work rehabilitation facilities. Aside from the products these convicted federal inmates produce (such as refurbished DND trucks, mattresses, security bars (ironically) for sale at Home Depot) the remarkable thing is, many are eager to talk. And the theme that has emerged is simple.

“Most of us are getting out.”

Andre is serving 25-to-life for killing someone in a drunken bar brawl 13 years ago.

“We need something to do when we walk out of here, so we don’t come back. Guys I know who did some bad stuff have learned something here and they’re productive outside. You don’t see them, but they’re there. The guy driving the fork lift, or stacking crates.”

I thought of the box stores at South Keys near my house.

“We’re invisible to you. But we’ve got something to do.”

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